• Lily Shih

    Yep, that’s stupid me…

  • Beach of some tropical islands

    That’s where I live. Middle of nowhere.

Who am I

I am a current undergrad student major in Art History. With an interest in Tourism and Global Affairs, I would like this blog to be a space for me to explore the world.

Who am I secretly

I am simply a privileged Asian kid. Nothing much to say. Overschooled but undereducated. My total net worth is 300 bucks and a stupid drone.

Becoming a confused and awkward human being wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am.

Where I live

I live in both Connecticut, U.S. and Taipei, Taiwan. With a utopian vision, I would like to hold a global citizenship in the future. My guess is that getting a deportation and to become a nomad probably would be more realistic life goal for me.


Happy tree friends


Hours of meaningless work


Incomplete projects


Completed Projects

In complete project

My incompleteness, fear, and insecurity offer me opportunities for growth.

Completed project

This is cool. My life’s a mess. Nothing is completed